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We should have been at Bude Festival today! ...

We spotted in our Covid-cancelled Gig Diary that, today being 1st September, we should have been playing at Bude Festival this very afternoon! Sigh! ... so here's a clip to remind us all of the splendid Falcon Hotel, home of the excellent Bude Jazz Club and one of our favourite venues, with its tasteful ambience, elegant chairs and fine-quality tables, each with its crisp,white, starched linen tablecloth; the youthful, athletic and energetic dancers, always inventive and well dressed; and the inevitable old jazz 'expert' seated at a nearby table, and appalled by the wild dancing, as he thinks that every audience member should listen in hushed silence, with no frivolous distraction whatever ... he will be easily recognised by all jazz musicians, for he has an in-depth knowledge of all the Red Hot Peppers matrix numbers and alternate takes, knows far more about jazz than any mere musician, and remembers the Chris Barber Band in 1956 ... furthermore, he is always ready and eager to air his boundless knowledge to the whole band while we're trying to pack up after a gig so we can get to bed before 3 a.m. ...

but never mind him! - we're looking forward to the next Bude Festival, whenever that might be!



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