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Our music is rooted in the bars and bordellos, the dance halls and the street parades of New Orleans in the 1910s and 20s, and later in the clubs and speakeasies of Chicago and New York, as musicians migrated to the big cities to find work ... maintaining this element of jazz history, our No 1 regular venue is The Ropemakers in Bridport, where we play every third Monday in the month ...

Apart from our more regular gig scene - playing in pubs, clubs, village halls, and at theatre and church concerts - we are also fortunate each year to be invited to play at various jazz festivals, such as  Bude, Upton Upon Severn, Swanage, and Pershore. This YouTube video shows one of our sets at Pershore Jazz Festival in 2017, including a couple of numbers where we 'impersonate' the ODJB to celebrate the centenary of the first-ever jazz recording ... 


Our most recent CD Old Man Blues was recorded by Peter Kings under studio conditions in Cheap Street Church, Sherborne, Dorset in March 2020, only a few days before the national 'lockdown' caused by Covid-19! In 2017 Peter recorded Changes for us in the same venue, and Magic Is The Moonlight (with a slightly different band line-up) was recorded - again by Peter Kings - at a live session at The BD Jazz Club in West Huntspill, Somerset, back in November 2013.  All the tracks on these three CDs can be sampled below, and copies can usually be purchased for £10 at our gigs. 

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