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The Sunset Covid Stompers ...

... all still alive and unscathed - so far! What a strange few months we've all had! Just when most of our generation - and that includes you, dear readers and listeners! - thought we'd seen more or less all that Life's rich canvas had to offer, something new and unexpected came along and kicked us out of our complacency ... no more gigs in pubs, clubs, or at festivals ... no more packed village halls or church concerts ... considerably less practice for several of us ... and a massive glut of tomatoes on Pete Ward's grand estate in Somerton, for he normally feeds the band throughout the Summer months with his luscious crop of home-grown tomatoes - this year he has had to distribute his fine produce among the peasantry on his extensive acreage ...

Indeed, there have been various changes, innovations and projects for most of us: Mike Denham has built himself a fine dacha in his extensive grounds, whither he is banished daily by his wife to continue his accordion practice ... Julia is understandably rather tired of hearing We'll Meet Again as the stand-alone number in Mike's repertoire. John Coad has returned to his days as a beachcomber, and is attempting to build a drum kit entirely out of driftwood and sundry flotsam and jetsam found on the beaches around Clevedon. Pete and Rachel Middleton acquired ukuleles early in lockdown, and are now poised to launch a skiffle and/or Seekers revival as soon as the time is right. There have also been reports of illegal e-bike races in the Broadmayne-Portesham region known as The Cheats' Trophy ... investigations are on-going ...

Meanwhile, our latest CD - recorded the week before lockdown - is in its final editing and production stage up at PEK Sounds in Northampton, so watch out for more news very soon! Keep safe, everyone!



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