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Sherborne Impresario Presents ...

We count ourselves very fortunate to have Raymond Wood as our very own impresario (and loyal fan!) in Sherborne, for the Cheap Street Church is not only one of our favourite concert venues, but also the 'recording studio' whence emerged our last two CDs. For this concert, our Celestial Leader - buoyed by his recent success with a 'themed' programme - deemed that a repeat of the same theme was already overdue after only a couple of weeks, and that he intended to include those numbers that had been constrained by time pressure at Winfrith. This meant, of course, that we had to cunningly shorten all our numbers in order to maximise the time available for Mike to bask in the rapt attention of our fine audience ... which he duly did!

As always, Raymond had assembled an attentive and appreciative audience for our session, and it was especially good to see both our fans right in the middle of the front row, not to mention our recently-retired bass player Pete Ward, who had come to honour us with his presence (and was kind enough not to be too critical of our efforts!). We were also joined (on stage) for this concert by another bassist - Tim Heming - whose fine contributions in the 'engine room' were greatly appreciated by both the band and our audience.

A final word of appreciation for our genial impresario Raymond - not only does he frequently engage our services (including for a rather special 'big' birthday celebration concert in 2023!) but is the absolute master of the production (for the band only!) of platters of exquisite salmon sandwiches, which have become a much-appreciated intermission tradition at our Cheap Street Church sessions ... thank you once again!



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