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"Gee, ain't the gravy good! ..."

Back to the longest-standing annual gig on the band's calendar! It was impossible to resist checking what this blogger wrote exactly one year ago : "Another year, another Jazz Supper at Gussage All Saints, and another of our annual debates over the number of times that we've played one of our favourite annual gigs! The general consensus was 'well over twenty years' ..." This introduction then led on to the following: "Two things haven't changed, however - the very enthusiastic welcome from a large audience (always filling the hall to bursting point) and the exceptional 'fine dining experience' provided by the talented and hard-working kitchen team! Not only are the local butcher's sausages the finest we've ever tasted, but the vast choice of desserts on offer never fails to challenge our individual decision-making ... and there are usually 'seconds' to tempt us hungry jazzers! ..." ... Indeed, some things don't change - thankfully!

As always, we kicked off our first set assailed by the mouth-watering, wafting aroma of those legendary local sausages, as they nestled enticingly in their rich gravy surrounded by copious bacon and onion. By way of a tribute to this annual treat of haute cuisine, Steve was moved to vocalise on that old Cootie Williams song Gee, Ain't The Gravy Good!, though we had to play a good few more numbers before we were finally able to sit down and remind ourselves just how good the gravy really is in Gussage ... as for the dessert selection, was it really possible that we were challenged by an even greater selection of puddings than usual, including at least four different Crumbles! And why aren't the good people of Gussage rather more rotund, faced with all this wonderful fare? It really was superb, and it's not difficult to see why we love playing here - though it's not just about the food, because the audience - duly energised by their fine repast - gave us their usual warm and enthusiastic reception, and applauded all our efforts with great gusto - they don't hold back in Gussage!

We certainly couldn't have a better gig to mark each year's change over to gloomy GMT - for indeed tonight was the time to 'put the clocks back' and face the shorter daylight hours ahead ... not an appealing prospect for most of us, but easier to bear when heralded by such an enjoyable annual event, and one with such a long history with this band! We're already looking forward to the next edition!


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