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Christmas lights at Ropeys!

Appropriately enough, our last gig of 2019 was at the best pub in the History of Jazz - our monthly 'residency' at the incomparable Ropemakers in Bridport. We're biased, of course, as it's our favourite live music pub anywhere, ever, and we always look forward to playing there on every third Monday in the month. It's not just the regular crowd that makes it so great, or the eclectic mix of holiday season drop-ins, or the unique atmosphere - the key factor in the great vibe of the place is undoubtedly supplied by the energetic and hard-working staff - unfailingly cheerful and enthusiastic about our music, always friendly, smiling and sociable, they do so much to create a happy mood for our (mainly!) happy music, and always make us really welcome. It's the sort of monthly Monday night experience you never want to change, so fingers crossed that this fabulous pub, management and staff will continue to thrive and prosper through 2020 (and way beyond!). Happy Christmas! See you all next year!



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