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Back at The Concorde Club...

It was good to be back at this fine jazz venue, given that our last visit took place before anybody had heard of Covid! Not only do Concorde audiences know their music, but they also contain more than a few energetic and skilful dancers, and it was great to see some old friends strutting their stuff in stylish fashion. Unfortunately, Hamish couldn't be with us for this session, so Keith and Steve had to step in with some whimsical little ditties like Coney Island Washboard and I Lost My Gal In Memphis, giving a good account of themselves, as always. Steve also shone in a recent addition to our repertoire - Humph's only hit single Bad Penny Blues.

Not only is the Concorde renowned for the quality of the venue itself and the varied music programme it promotes, but also for the exemplary fashion in which visiting musicians are looked after. The traditional intermission spread of excellent sandwiches, plus the French fries and jugs of coffee, were all massively appreciated and made our gig even more enjoyable! Thanks so much to the club and the fine audience - we hope to be back soon!



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