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Back in the Surrey Hills ...

It's always a pleasure to return to this fine club, with its enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience, and excellent organisation and management led by the ever youthful and hard-working Mick Wellstead, so despite the long haul along sundry congested motorways from our far-flung individual bases in Dorset and Somerset we were delighted to be back in Great Bookham, generally referred to by the band as 'The Far East' ...

It really is gratifying to be warmly greeted by so many of the audience on our arrival, and we had that 'warm glow' feeling even before we kicked off playing! Of course, the other great feature of this club is the quality and expertise of the dancing. The agile and youthful dancers were on their feet before we'd even completed the first chorus, and unlike some venues we dare not mention, all the dancers are skilful and effortlessly manage to keep bang in time with the music! It doesn't happen everywhere, we can assure you!

We thoroughly enjoyed playing for the big crowd that Mick managed to rustle up, and we're already looking forward to our next visit in February! Let's hope the weather's kind to all of us at that rather bleak time of year! Thanks again for the invitation - see you all again soon!


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