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"Let them eat cake ... "

Only a day later than our previous Blog, proudly boasting of our sixth annual visit to East Burton, we found ourselves back in Gussage All Saints - in deepest Dorset - to play for the jolly villagers at their yearly Jazz Supper, a splendid event involving a lavish sausage-based meal and copious desserts at half-time in addition to a festive atmosphere with plenty of enthusiastic encouragement from a host of familiar faces. In the course of the evening, it transpired that it was hardly surprising that many of the faces were indeed familiar, for - with much ceremony - it was announced that this was the twentieth visit of the band to this bijou venue ... and a large, chocolate, 20th anniversary cake was duly borne aloft in the band's direction!

Needless to say, most of the personnel of the present band are far too young to have made twenty visits down these narrow lanes, but our Glorious Leader was at the helm for the band's first visit two decades ago, as was bassist Pete Ward! Given the band's ability to consume quantities of cake like true connoisseurs, even the fulsome repast they had just consumed failed to prevent a gannet-like descent onto this very kind and thoughtful offering, and there was indeed a suggestion from certain quarters that the longest-serving band members should receive a larger proportional share ... inevitably, the gannets returned at the end of the evening, and the remains of this wondrous and most excellent cake went to fuel their homeward journey ...

This was a truly memorable visit to Gussage and we are now wondering whether - always assuming we are invited back! - a chocolate anniversary cake may even become part of the band's Gussage tradition! Thanks so much for the annual invitation, all you lovely Gussagers, and long may this splendid event continue!


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