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East Burton ... sixth year!

It transpired that this was our sixth annual visit to this venue - oh dear, how the years fly by! A major advantage, of course, in returning here each year, is that we now spend slightly less time trying to locate the venue via multiple circuits of sundry level crossings and winding lanes ... at least one member of the band even claimed to have driven here without recourse to his SatNav!

It proved to be just as much of a treat as in previous years to play in this splendid hall for such a friendly, welcoming and supportive audience, and - as on our previous visits - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves ... and the assembled throng seemed to enjoy our offerings, too, so an enjoyable evening was had by all!

As always, we were very well looked after by the hard-working organising team, and were provided with a fine Ploughman's Supper, washed down by Theakston's Old Peculiar, and followed by a splendid array of local variations on Dorset Apple Cake, which most effectively energised us for our second set!

Our Divine Leader had produced a particularly demanding programme to test our mettle on this occasion, so the excellent supper was more than welcome. As has become the norm on recent gigs, it seems, Hamish's contributions received even greater acclaim than the rest of us put together! He has certainly made his mark on our audiences since joining us from the murky bohemian underworld of Bridport, and we try hard (with difficulty!) not to begrudge him his new found fame and fortune ...

Thanks so much to the lovely folk of East Burton for inviting us back year after year, and for showing such enthusiasm for our efforts ... and for producing such fine Apple Cake! We look forward to next year!


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