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Back at the seaside ...

Given the advanced age of some of the band, they could be forgiven for thinking it was still Bude Jazz Festival, for here we were, back in the plush surroundings of the Falcon Hotel, a favourite venue of ours - one in which we last played as recently as August! Evenings here always seem to run like clockwork, with Kim and his hard-working committee effortlessly demonstrating how to run a successful jazz club, and it's always a great pleasure to return - not least for the pleasure of playing for the Club's retinue of youthful and energetic dancers, and also for its enthusiastic, welcoming and knowledgeable audience.

As usual, the dancers were strutting their stuff right from the first chorus, and it certainly gives us a lift to see so many couples on the dance floor - showing real expertise, too! We tried to choose some really 'dancey' numbers for these good people, but threw in a few of our more classic numbers for good measure, like Morton's The Pearls and Smokehouse Blues. We also gave a newish Hamish vocal an airing - I Only Want It Once Or Twice - which seemed to go down well (but then Hamish always manages to steal the show!), and Trevor Whiting gave a nifty rendition of Bechet's Coffee Grinder with his customary virtuosity. Our rousing closing number - Freddie Keppard's Stockyard Strut - had all the dancers back on the floor, seemingly with enough energy to go on all night! If only we had the same energy! ...

It was great to be invited back so soon after our Festival sessions, and we hope it won't be too long before our next visit! Keep up the good work, Kim & Co!


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