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Standing ovation at Gosport!

We always look forward to our sessions at Gosport Jazz Club because the audiences are so exceptionally lively, supportive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable - not to mention their friendly banter and ready wit (possibly due to mine host Chris Newman's secret career as a stand-up comedian!). Needless to say, we all endeavoured to arrive early, and filled in as many audience questionnaires as possible with glowing comments about ourselves - there's nothing like forging a few five-star reviews!

Then the room filled very quickly and we were up and running, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves playing for such a great crowd - as we always do at this excellent club. Hamish (not for the first time in recent memory!) managed to steal the show and got a great reception (well-deserved, of course!) for his vocal contributions. Any jaded feelings - after our various long journeys via the tedious 50 mph restriction on the M27 - soon disappeared amidst a sea of happy, smiling faces and tapping feet, not to mention the very appreciative applause!

Jelly Roll Morton featured strongly in our second set, as we wheeled out some of our Red Hot Peppers repertoire. Apart from Doctor Jazz (rarely in the original key!), very few bands feature numbers like Smokehouse Blues, Georgia Swing or The Turtle Twist, so it was great to have an audience which appreciated and enjoyed these fabulous but rarely played numbers. Indeed, the audience showed its true class by NOT disappearing after the raffle, as is not unknown elsewhere! In fact, we were absolutely delighted (and not a little flattered!) to be treated to a standing ovation after our final number - wow! Thank you so much, Gosport Jazz Club - we can't wait to return!


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