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West Lulworth - 4th edition ...

Once more, the enterprising villagers of idyllic West Lulworth invited us to trek down that long, steep hill to entertain them at their annual Jazz Supper, and, once more, the assembled band members looked forward to an enthusiastic and friendly audience, not to mention a hearty home-cooked supper and a choice of alcoholic refreshment ... a treat for any gigging musician used to considerably less generous provision of sustenance (if any!) ...

This year's offering of Peanut Butter Chicken was exceptionally delicious (though the culinary offerings in previous years have indeed been consistently superb) but the Apple Pie (just like this Blogger's mother used to make!) really was outstanding - we only hope that our musical offerings were half as good! Yes, we even eventually got around to playing for our supper, though not until after our main course, and, as in previous years, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - all the more so after a quiet couple of weeks as far as the Gig Diary was concerned.

We were delighted to indulge in a couple of our ODJB numbers to kick off proceedings, especially as it came by way of a request from the West Lulworth 'management'! It was also good to have Keith Hall on board the 'Good Ship SCS' to perform banjo and guitar duties in the unfortunate absence through illness of Eddie Edwards - Keith has helped us out on a few occasions recently and always does a sterling job.

The superb apple pie mentioned above seemed to have an energising effect upon the audience, as well as on the band, as several agile dancers managed to grace the floor for our second set, and they certainly gave a good account of themselves. It's always great to play dancing, which is, after all, what our music was originally created for! We very much hope this annual event will last forever - well, nearly! - as it has become one of our favourites on the calendar! Thanks so much for inviting us back ... again ... and again!


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