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Back to The Old Barn ...

It's always a pleasure to return to The Old Barn, as Mick Wellstead never fails to conjure up a great audience for us, and the standard of dancing and the number of dancers must rival both Bude Jazz Club and The Concorde Club - praise indeed! The mighty Mick himself showed that he is not only still pretty fleet of foot, but can even manage two partners at once - this, we believe, used to be known as a 'Swedish arrangement' ... hmmm!

Despite illness in the banjo department - Eddie Edwards is currently convalescing after a spell in hospital, and scheduled dep Keith Hall had to cancel due to a major bout of flu - we soldiered on by relying even more than usual on our hard-working rhythm section. Thankfully, no complaints regarding the lack of a banjo have yet been received, though there's still time, I suppose ...

Although an unlikely-looking reincarnation of Bessie Smith, Hamish Maxwell still managed to steal the show - as he often does! - and our concealed Giant Laser Clapometer revealed just how much the Old Barn crowd appreciated him ... we sincerely hope he realises just how lucky he is to have a decent band backing him! Thanks once again to Mick for inviting us, and to a lovely big Old Barn crowd for showing us such warm appreciation! We look forward to seeing you all again on our next visit!


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