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East Burton ... "Where?!"

There are various criteria used in the band when talking of up-coming gigs ... how long a drive from home is one such. Another is the venue itself, and the acoustic, and the potential audience ... and a third is whether a spot of food is on offer - always a consideration where a long drive is concerned! In this respect, East Burton Village Hall qualifies as a talking point under a number of headings - first is the average reaction when you say you're playing in East Burton ... where?! is the inevitable response. Our Glorious Leader cannot understand this, but since he lives in Broadmayne, that's hardly surprising! Those of us living in near Bath, or Exeter, or Somerton, or Taunton - even now we're on something like our fifth visit - still tend to miss it on the first or second pass, and wonder whether we've just crossed the same level-crossing, or whether it's the neighbouring one up the road, or is that the Village Hall or a private house? ... that kind of thing! BUT, once we're there, we find ourselves back in a very friendly acoustic with a very friendly audience to match, and it all comes flooding back! There's always a fine platter of Ploughman's Supper on offer - although, as it's now 2018, it's no longer served in a spotted and knotted kerchief - along with suitable liquid refreshment for the band, and (best of all) a fine selection of cakes for dessert. By general consensus, the Spiced Apple Cake (gently warmed) topped the bill this year, though it was a close-run thing ...

The audience were as enthusiastic and appreciative as ever, and we were made most welcome. Our massive fan base (both of them) had also braved the elements to be there for us (thank you - you know who you are!) and we felt so encouraged by our reception that we dared to try out some of our new numbers for the first time - The Pearls, Old Man Blues, and Short Dress Gal all seemed to meet with approval (to the band's relief!) and Steve Graham gave a fine impression of Louis Armstrong on Potato Head Blues, which he hasn't played for some considerable time - though it sounded anything but rusty!

This enjoyable event seems well established on the calendar now, so we're keeping our fingers crossed for another invitation next year - thank you, the good folk of East Burton ... where?!


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