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It's All About The Bass ...

... or so thought Pete Ward - our favourite bassist and longest-serving member of the band - when he spotted this fine old mirror just above his head at our session at Cotleigh Brewery. We tried to explain that it referred to a well-known beer, but he wouldn't have it, insisting that it was a tribute to his excellent bass playing. Not only Pete but the whole band seemed to be on particularly good form as we stormed through an extremely demanding programme concocted by our illustrious maestro, Mike Denham. As always, Ivor and Ruth Topp had conjured up a packed house for our visit and we were given a really enthusiastic reception. All of us in the band enjoy playing anyway, of course, but an audience like this seems to bring out out the best in us! It never fails to impress us here at Wiveliscombe that Ivor and Ruth not only continue to run a well-supported and vibrant jazz club, but also use any profits to support local charities. They certainly deserve all the encouragement and support we can give them, both audience and musicians alike!

Of course, we also have to mention the splendid bonus for all of us - band and listeners - which comes from playing a gig in such a fine brewery, and the band members particularly appreciated the excellent (and complimentary!) Cotleigh 25 on offer at the session. Cotleigh 40 must be due soon, and we're all looking forward to tasting the result! Ever generous, the management slipped us a bottle each of our favourite Cotleigh beer to sample on the morrow ... rather reminiscent of visits to the barber in the old days : "Something for the weekend, sir?" Thanks, everyone, for inviting us and giving us such a rousing reception. As always, we look forward to our next visit!


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