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Dancing In The Street ...

... though the Rolling Stones probably didn't have Shepton Beauchamp in mind when they penned this song! All the ingredients of an al fresco party were there, however ... warm sunshine in a cloudless sky, a traffic-free village in full party mode, a relaxed and happy audience, the pub doing a roaring trade, mouth-watering aromas from the barbecue, and a retinue of young dancers who had probably never heard our style of music before but showed a natural talent and rhythm in dancing to a jazz beat - a most enjoyable afternoon for both audience and band!

Incidentally, we were extremely impressed - and made rather envious - by the eye-catching outfit worn by one bold spirit who certainly took the Stones' lyric to heart ... a figure-hugging silver catsuit on a lithe male body (complete with matching silver glitter face decoration, set off by a purple-glitter 'tache) certainly lived up to the line "It doesn't matter what you wear, just as long as you are there ...!"


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