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Ancient Jazz in a former Royal Capital

... back in Somerton for a concert in the fabulous setting and fine acoustic of St Michael's Church, with an equally fabulous and fine, large audience, including more than a few regulars from our modest fan base. Given the current heatwave, it seemed appropriate enough to kick off with Down Among The Sheltering Palms, which incidentally featured in our favourite comedy Some Like It Hot, where it accompanied the arrival of the (almost entirely!) female band at the Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego. Later in our programme, Steve Graham gave what must have been the only kazoo performance in the glorious history of this lovely church ... but be warned! - he is a dab hand on the bagpipes, too, so who knows what the future holds?

There was only one dicey moment (as far as we know!) in our concert, and that arrived with the encore, as Hamish launched into Just A Closer With Thee ... doubtless our regular fans in the audience - used to reading our faces as well as listening to our music! - spotted consternation in the front line as they realised that the piano introduction by our Supeme Leader was not in the key normally associated with this number - nor was it appropriate to Hamish's vocal range! Impassively (well, almost!) we adjusted to the challenge, but Hamish's unusually strangled voice indicated that he was somewhat unaccustomed to his role as a soprano (or was his collar too tight?). After a couple of choruses, subtly coded signals from the front line in the Supreme Leader's direction soon brought about the desired return to a more appropriate key, and as Hamish came back in for his final chorus, the relief on his face was a joy to behold! But how we love living dangerously ...

Thanks to Somerton once again for inviting us back - it's always a pleasure to play for you, and we look forward to the next time ... in the right key, of course ...


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