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Jazz On The Lawn ...

Our favourite outdoor event of the year has to be our 'residential weekend' slot at Barrington Court, a superb National Trust property in deepest Somerset, where the enterprising management team has been hosting a jazz event for many years. Some of us were members of various 'scratch' bands put together in the early years, but latterly it has become the duty of the Stompers to maintain the excellent and enjoyable jazz tradition that has now become thoroughly established at Barrington. Over the years it has been obvious that the Barrington Court Faithful would not allow the Great British weather to influence the afternoon picnic and jazz session. A couple of years ago, they were huddling for part of the time under blankets and waterproofs, whereas last year it was a question of sun cream, ice cream, and iced drinks in steaming temperatures!

This year varied from sunny (but alarmingly windy at times!) to grey and overcast, but - as always - the band played on, and the wonderful audience was completely oblivious to the elements! We amused ourselves (as we often do!) choosing (in)approprate titles to play, such as Breeze, In The Summertime, Underneath The Sheltering Palms, Don't Mind The Grey Skies, and I Get The Blues When It Rains ... but the rain held off, and a good time was had by all, not least by groups of energetic small children dancing happily to our sepia-tinted songs of yesteryear ...

Thanks to the National Trust and the Barrington Court team for inviting us yet again, and looking after us so nicely - we are already looking forward to next year!


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