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Strictly Bude Dancing ...

We can't think of any venue that we've played where the dancing is better - both in quality and quantity - than at Bude Jazz Club, and indeed right from our very first number! Add to that the spacious, practically palatial premises of the Falcon Hotel, an excellent bar, friendly hotel staff, a good acoustic, plus an appreciative and discerning audience - oh! and a 'drinks waiter' to take the whole band's complimentary drinks order ahead of the interval! There surely isn't a more illustrious club on the circuit ...

From the band's point of view, there's nothing quite like playing to a packed dance floor, yet it usually only happens at big events like Pete Lay's jazz weekends at Sand Bay or Yarmouth or Sinah Warren ... but then he probably recruits his full supporting cast at these events from the eternally youthful members of Bude Jazz Club! Certainly, we recognised more than a few of Sunday evening's energetic dancers whom we've previously spotted at Pete's various events. A particular highlight was seeing so many of you up on your feet coping magnificently with such rarely-played numbers as The Chant and Skeleton Jangle - hardly material for the faint-hearted jiver!

Thanks for the invitation to play for you yet again, for the very warm welcome, for the appreciative applause and post-gig comments ... and above all for such excellent dancing! We look forward to our next visit!


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