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Dark Secrets of the Stompers - No.1 ...

It has been a controversial talking point in band circles for some time that Eddie Edwards' claim to have sported a ponytail in his younger days has not yet been backed up by photographic evidence, much to our disappointment and growing scepticism ... However, a dark secret from his past has just come to light and only now can be revealed in this Blog: it transpires that, whilst gigging in Soho many years ago, Eddie learned that The Tiller Girls dance troupe were looking for a high-kicking, dancing banjo player but that no girls with both the required skills had come forward. Always ready in those days to earn an extra bob or two, he donned the appropriate gear and went straight on stage, to great acclaim ...

This is only the first in a projected 'Dark Secrets of the Stompers' series ... please keep an eye on the Blog page for further revelations!


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