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Session at the legendary Concorde ...

It's quite a while since the band visited this fine venue, and the line-up has changed a bit since then ... so it was actually our first visit with the current personnel. This particular blogger has fond memories of the club, as Cole Mathieson had kicked things off at the Basset Hotel just three years before I arrived at Southampton Uni, and it was a real thrill to be able to see American legends like Buck Clayton, Bud Freeman, Buddy Tate, Ben Webster and Wild Bill Davison. It was relatively unusual at that time to be able to find a jazz club where traditional and modern forms of our music happily rubbed shoulders. What a great job Cole has done for jazz over many years, and what a fabulous music venue the Concorde is today!

We were delighted by the really good crowd that turned out for our session, and were most impressed by the stylish and highly energetic dancers - not one past their mid-30s, judging by their athletic endeavours! Thanks to you all for a great reception, and to the Concorde catering guys for the very welcome sandwiches and coffee at half-time - a rare treat! Hopefully, we may get invited back some day ...


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