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Full House at Warehouse Theatre!

We were delighted to learn that our first visit to Ilminster's bijou Warehouse Theatre was a complete sell-out! The Warehouse publicity machine must be formidable indeed! It's a fabulous venue - all down to the dedicated efforts of volunteers - and what a fantastic audience we had! From the warm welcome we received on arrival, we were right royally looked after, and we couldn't have played for a more enthusiastic and attentive crowd. With a dazzling display of Chains of Office in the front row, the event certainly had 'Special Occasion' written all over it. Feedback from audience members, both during the interval and after the session, was so appreciative and encouraging. The provision onstage of a comfortable armchair for Hamish Maxwell was a true theatrical masterstroke! It was something of a miracle that he managed not to doze off! This was our first visit to the Warehouse - we very much hope it won't be our last!


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