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Back at The Old Barn ...

Despite having to brave the vagaries of traffic conditions, roadworks, busy coffee stops, (not to mention hordes of footie fans at Fleet Services!) along the seemingly endless A303 ... M4 ... M3 - and, our special favourite, the M25 - we never fail to enjoy our gigs at this superbly-run and enthusiastically-supported club. This session was no exception! A very good sized crowd (Mick's one-man publicity machine clearly knows no equal!) and the usual high standard of dancing to virtually every number made our early morning alarm call well worthwhile! As on all our previous visits, we thoroughly enjoyed our session. The two-piano boogie extravaganza was a first for Mike and Pete - totally unplanned and unrehearsed, as you probably noticed! Great to see Sarah in the audience - hope you'll have the Tenor with you next time! Finally, the longest journey honours on this occasion go to Eddie, who weighed in at a little over 3 hours and around 165 miles, beating John with a mere 135! See you all in October - and thanks again to the indefatigable Mick for the invitation and for his excellent organisation!


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