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"The splendour falls on castle walls ..."

We were delighted to to return to Corfe Castle village for our third concert in the picturesque and historic setting of St Edward's Church. Those of us with an interest in the English Civil War realise, of course, that we would have been rather less welcome during that turbulent period when this lovely building was used as a barracks and stable for Parliamentary troops - even rougher than jazz musicians, by all accounts! On this occasion we were welcomed as warmly as previously by both organisers and audience, and we greatly enjoyed playing in this near perfect acoustic, without any of the excessive resonance that we experience in some churches. We thought it something of a masterstroke that the audience were encouraged to enjoy a drink in their pews - a very enlightened feature in the context of a church concert, which served to create a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere and avoided the rather stiff formality that sometimes overshadows such a concert. The band also greatly appreciated the handsome way in which we were both fed and watered, as indeed we have been on previous visits. We would of course enjoy playing our concerts for you anyway, but the fine buffet spread certainly helps to bring out our very best performance! We very much look forward to our next visit!


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