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West Lulworth entertains ...

The legendary "Chitlin' Circuit" was a collection of venues throughout the eastern, southern, and upper midwest areas of the United States in which it was safe and acceptable for African-American musicians, comedians, and other entertainers to perform during the long and painful era of racial segregation. The Sunset Cafe Stompers' contemporary equivalent would seem to be the "Village Hall Circuit" of Dorset, Devon and Somerset, which offers venues similarly safe and acceptable to the delicate and sensitive members of our little orchestra, furnishes us with splendid audiences, and - in the notable case of West Lulworth's superbly organised Jazz Evening - even keeps the band well-lubricated with fine local ales, and well-fed with Louisiana delicacies and the best apple pie in the History of Jazz!! Thanks once again to all of you stalwart villagers and event organisers for such a wonderful welcome, most enthusiastic appreciation, and superb beer and food. We should have absolutely no difficulty in finding room on our gig list for West Lulworth about the same time next year!


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