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Christmas lights at Ropeys!

Appropriately enough, our last gig of 2019 was at the best pub in the History of Jazz - our monthly 'residency' at the incomparable Ropemakers in Bridport. We're biased, of course, as it's our favourite live music pub anywhere, ever, and we always look forward to playing there on every third Monday in the month. It's not just the regular crowd that makes it so great, or the eclectic mix of holiday season drop-ins, or the unique atmosphere - the key factor in the great vibe of the place is undoubtedly supplied by the energetic and hard-working staff - unfailingly cheerful and enthusiastic about our music, always friendly, smiling and sociable, they do so much to create a happy mood for our (m

Cerne Abbas concert ...

It was a real delight to be invited back to St Mary's Church in Cerne Abbas after an absence of quite a few years, and a sprinkling of personnel changes in the band have occurred in the interim. We were, as on our previous visit, made very welcome, and even while the band was gently warming up their instruments, we were immediately reminded of the excellent acoustic in this beautiful space - by no means over-reverberant, as is often the case in churches, but with a really warm and intimate sound, and requiring relatively little effort on our part, certainly as far as the frontline were concerned! It was great to play for such an appreciative audience, who certainly seemed to enjoy our effort

Back in the Surrey Hills ...

It's always a pleasure to return to this fine club, with its enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience, and excellent organisation and management led by the ever youthful and hard-working Mick Wellstead, so despite the long haul along sundry congested motorways from our far-flung individual bases in Dorset and Somerset we were delighted to be back in Great Bookham, generally referred to by the band as 'The Far East' ... It really is gratifying to be warmly greeted by so many of the audience on our arrival, and we had that 'warm glow' feeling even before we kicked off playing! Of course, the other great feature of this club is the quality and expertise of the dancing. The agile and youthful dan

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