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Standing ovation at Gosport!

We always look forward to our sessions at Gosport Jazz Club because the audiences are so exceptionally lively, supportive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable - not to mention their friendly banter and ready wit (possibly due to mine host Chris Newman's secret career as a stand-up comedian!). Needless to say, we all endeavoured to arrive early, and filled in as many audience questionnaires as possible with glowing comments about ourselves - there's nothing like forging a few five-star reviews! Then the room filled very quickly and we were up and running, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves playing for such a great crowd - as we always do at this excellent club. Hamish (not for the first time in rec

West Lulworth - 4th edition ...

Once more, the enterprising villagers of idyllic West Lulworth invited us to trek down that long, steep hill to entertain them at their annual Jazz Supper, and, once more, the assembled band members looked forward to an enthusiastic and friendly audience, not to mention a hearty home-cooked supper and a choice of alcoholic refreshment ... a treat for any gigging musician used to considerably less generous provision of sustenance (if any!) ... This year's offering of Peanut Butter Chicken was exceptionally delicious (though the culinary offerings in previous years have indeed been consistently superb) but the Apple Pie (just like this Blogger's mother used to make!) really was outstanding - w

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