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"Roll up, roll up, roll up! ..."

Jazz club audiences are frequently kind enough to credit us musicians with the success of a session, but the real heroes in keeping our music alive and kicking are those tireless promoters and organisers, who, either single-handedly or together with a hard-working committee, somehow manage to keep clubs going all over the country (admittedly with varying degrees of success). Gosport Jazz Club certainly numbers among the best-run and best-supported clubs we've ever visited over the years, and we can always look forward to a big crowd and an enthusiastic reception - that is, once we've braved the M27 and the impressively stationary traffic down into Gosport (which leads us to wonder how you lo

Joy Parke returns to Sherborne ...

It's been quite a while since the Stompers have enjoyed the company of Joy Parke on one of our jazz concerts, so we were delighted that she was able to join us on a return visit to Cheap Street Church, where we are always guaranteed a wonderful audience, courtesy of the ever hard-working Raymond Wood (something of a Stompers 'groupie', it would seem!) and his excellent team. This church was of course the 'studio' for our most recent CD, and it is without doubt one of our favourite venues, blessed with a fine acoustic, a light, spacious interior ... and a gallery, no less! Joy was on her usual stellar form, and, thanks to her vocal talents and her effervescent personality, she had the audien

News from Chicago ...

​​It has recently come to our attention that Dave Meyers, the owner of Meyers Ace Hardware in Chicago’s Bronzeville district – once the Sunset Café and later the Grand Terrace – has finally been forced to sell this historic building, which was such a legendary venue for many of the greatest jazz musicians of the 1920s and 30s, and which today inspires the very name and music of our band. Trade has apparently been very poor for the past several years, and closure sadly became inevitable, despite the owner’s greatest reluctance to take this drastic step, as the business had been run by three generations of his family for almost a century. Indeed, his father finally bought the building outright

"We may be gone for some time ..."

Despite the combined onslaught of 'The Beast from the East' and Storm Emma, Mike still insisted on the band hauling his Steinway through the snowy wastes to the weekend gig ...

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